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News: the 501 Gachot® valves

This is the 501 Gachot® valves of 150 PN16 diameters with optional chainwheels + 3 meters of chain + safety kit, other options possible.

Top chrono Valve!

The GACHOT V501 Gate Valve offer the most possible reliability for process and critical applications: Resin, Latex, Polymers, Slurry, Fluid with particles, Liquid sulphur, Phosgene gas, High velocity steam, Cryogenic, High temperature, Vacuum (tested at 1 torr)

For more information :
2 Rue du Marais 80400 Ham FRANCE
+33 (0)6 80 11 09 61

News: the 501 Gachot® valves

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