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News: Clasar® check valves with diameters 900

Pvi is the world specialist in large diameters with reliability and quality as an example in photos on Clasars® check valves with diameters 900 JS3011 A439 D 2B With a connection CL150 B16 47 SerieB!!

Valve size (DN) : 80 – 1800
Working pressure (bar) : 50 max!! (acc.DN)
Températures (°C): -30 /+ 130
Unidirectional design

Entirely created by PVI, the Clasar® with high dynamic response, providing the most effective protection against water hammer from pumps. Available in stainless steel and duplex construction on request. Our non-return valves (Clasars®) are designed for all types of fluid passage: seawater transport networks, water distribution and treatment networks, general industry

For more information:
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+33 (0)6 80 11 09 61

News: Clasar® check valves with diameters 900

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